Meet the S.O.A.R. Team!

Andrew - President

Andrew came to SOAR in 2009 when he changed from a foster to an adopter after spending about 5 minutes with his boxer, Zeus. Since then, Andrew has been a proud member of the SOAR family, helping with the planning and behind the scenes of many of our fundraising events.




Rich - Vice President

A lifelong dog lover, Rich (and his wife Tish) started out by adopting a senior Rottweiler, Birdie, from SOAR in 2005. Sadly, Birdie passed away in March of 2008. In July 2008, Rich & Tish adopted another SOAR rescue, Jackson. Nine years later, they are still helping to save dogs’ lives.



Rhett - Treasurer

Rhett became a SOAR volunteer while fostering Kaylee, a sweet Rottweiler who had been tied to a tree most of her life. After  a few short months, Kaylee became a permanent member of the household and Rhett joined SOAR to support its fundraising efforts.  Rhett now lends his time and energy in helping to manage several aspects of SOAR.



Tanuja - Secretary

Tanuja came to join SOAR a few years ago while fostering (and then later adopting) and initially became involved in fundraising events. Since then, Tanuja has become a very valued member of the SOAR team, managing numerous communications and applying her keen organizational skills in many areas of SOAR’s administration.  



Evva - Executive Director - Communications Administrator

As a lifelong animal lover, she happily became vegan shortly after learning such a thing exists, and all of her 'kids' (past and present) are rescues. Often an advocate for justice and the underdog, she learned of SOAR through anti-BSL campaigning in 2010.  Knowing that SOAR is a rescue that tries to help those least wanted by others played a big part in her joining in the spring of 2011.



Tish - Executive Director

She was introduced to the rescue world several years ago. Her first dog was adopted through SOAR and her current rottie boy is a SOAR rescue, too.  She enjoys what she is able to accomplish in her support of all SOAR events and initiatives by making a difference in the lives of her canine friends. 



In Memoriam - Annie Potter

Board Member/Founding Member

Normally a “cat person”, Annie came to rescue later in life. She loved her “grand dogs” and was quite happy to tell anyone who would listen to a senior in their 70’s, the virtues of “Pit Bulls” and Rottweilers.  Annie was a wonderful friend and steadfast supporter of all things "SOAR".

Sadly, Annie passed away on September 8, 2010, after a brief battle with cancer. She will always be greatly missed.