The pass-line bet is the most common type of wager in craps. If you’re lucky enough for your first roll to be an 11 or 7, then this becomes winner-take-all; any 2’s through 10s will lose it at 1:1 odds instead! But if there are other numbers on screen like 4s, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10), they become “point” numbers which mean shooters must keep rolling until either someone rolls a seven before them (in which case he wins) OR somebody hits one too many times without getting addicted.

Craps players have the option of making a don’t pass bet, which is essentially the opposite of making an open-ended wager on either Side. A 7 or 11 will lose you money, while 2 and 3 win it for them; 12 results in push (neither winner nor loser). Roll them before these spots fill up any other number becomes point numbers!

Come and don’t come bets work like pass-and don’t pass, except they are made when a point has already been established.

The odds of a bet can be added to pass or don’t-pass as well come/don’t coming. The amount is limited by the casino and varies from one table in the same establishment to another, sometimes even at different spots within its building!


If there is one game that can be considered social, it would have to be craps. The layout of this casino table requires interaction between players and dealers for an enjoyable experience- after all, you’re dealing with lives! Other tables may offer more solitary gameplay, but none will compare when compared Side by Side between craps, pai gow or blackjack.

In the game of craps, the fellow gambler can control their fate by throwing dice. Most players bet with them and cheer on whoever has been chosen to be “the shooter.”

Back to the main topic. What are the best bets in craps?

The excitement of a large win is quickly replaced by the pain when you realize that your bet has an almost 14% house edge. You’ll lose on average $1 for every 10 dollars spent, which means this type of betting will eat up any funds in no time at all!

Place numbers are the best bets in the game of craps. These particular types of bets can be placed on any roll, but they’re usually popular when you want to go for a sure thing rather than taking your chances with other Rolling possibilities like 2 or 12 that might come up before 7 does!

Bets placed on numbers such as 2 or 12 pay more than hop bets, but they also lead to losses. A winning place bet goes from 9-to 5 for a 4 or 10, with an even smaller margin of victory at 7 – 5. The house edge is lower too – 6%.

The house edge makes it so players can play longer and have a better chance of winning. The lower the number is, then the means you will be getting your money back with interest as well!

And those bets are …

A pass line bet is the most basic of craps bets. It’s a don’t-pass with odds, so you’ll never lose money on this play unless your shooter rolls 11 or better!

The house edge on a pass-line bet with no odds is lower than that of other bets. The 1:1 don’t pass option has an average losing percentage of around 14 cents, while 6-8 carousals have approximately 1 52% advantage over players who place them at equally sized races. The difference in these numbers may not seem very significant, but when taken altogether, they make up for what was lost by having less risky options available.

The availability of the odds bet makes pass line or don’t pass bets a much better option than most other wagers. There’s no house edge on these side-bets, so you’ll never feel like you’re losing more than what was originally owed to start with!

The edge in this game is slight, and you will never lose more than three cents for every dollar bet.

The winning place bet is a profitable five-dollar affair.

The base portion of this pass line bet is paid $5. The odds are 6-to 5 for a total winning amounting to 30%.

The pass line with odds is the better bet because it’s safer. A player can’t lose by choosing incorrectly on either side of this wager, so there’s no risk involved in taking that option!

Here are the odds for a pass-line bet with a come-out cycle. There’s an 8-to-1 advantage if you’re not present at first, but it gets better! You can win in 6 different ways, including one where I’ll give my own two cents on how exactly they work?

I love the pass/don’t-pass two in craps because there’s no house edge. The odds are almost always in your favour, making it one of my absolute favourite bets to make!

The house edge on a bet with no odds is over 70%. This game can be found only at crapless tables where any number other than 7 becomes points.

The low-edge pass line bet with odds may not be exciting, but it’s the best chance for craps players to win. If you’re not going home happy after playing this game, then what was even interesting about coming in here? That said, though – if you’re lucky enough (or skillful) enough)to get a 6 or 11 on any given throw of the dice; there is an excellent chance at getting back all our losses AND kicking some extra money into that kitty!


Craps is a game of chance where the house edges are usually low. Suppose you do not know what to look for in craps. In that case, it may be easy money, but if your goal as an active player with knowledge of how things work best goes off playing without knowing any better-you will most likely lose all that wins because there’s no strategy involved outside drinking beer and throwing dice around at times!